Etendards (Banners) (120x40 cm)

The vertical format 120 x 40 cm was introduced at the 2018 exhibition in Ceret. The project consists of a print on the complete layout, all the techniques of engraving are represented. Each engravor gives free rein to his interpretation of the initial theme : "from the parietal to the medevial".
The matching of the works underlines the diversity of creative pleasure and the proficiency of the paper printing constraints.


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Diptyques (Diptychs) (120x80 cm)

The diptychs project "From the parietal to the medieval" is the result of the 2018 exhibition in Ceret. The initial vertical format is doubled, as to provide formats of 120x80cm. Twenty one enthusiastic engravers embarked on the adventure in order to get the print out of traditional formats. We thus push our conceptual and technical limits. In the same creative impulse, we intend, by 2021, to evolve our diptychs into triptychs. Work in progress.


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Artists book.
Involvement of 26 engravers, (one original print each) and one writer, NIMROD.

Description :
50 numbered copies
34 sheets in-plano on Rives 270g
Size : 30 x 30 cm
Under plexigas hot folded and wooden base.

Selling price : 800 Euros


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Edition of original artist book "BORDER" by L'Empreinte.
Involvement of 22 engravers (each with an original work) and a writer, Michel Butor.
Book size : 30x30 cm
Print run : 50 copies on Rives paper

Selling price : 600 Euros

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A Franco-Brazilian engraving project.
Each artist and writer envisioned what the word "Hemisphere" could mean in his own imagination.
The writings and prints were the subject of a joint exhibition presented at the INSA, at Lyon University 2, at the WM Gallery as well as at the Berthelot center in Lyon. Two exhibitions are scheduled in Brazil (Brasilia and Curribita).

The whole, texts and engraved works has been published in the form of a colour catalogue, always available.


"COMPARATIVE LOOKS ON NATURE" through contemporary French and Brazilian engravings.

On the occasion of the Year of France in Brazil, 2009, L'Empreinte in partnership with a group of Brazilian engravers (from Brasilia, Belém and Sao Paulo) designed and realized an exhibition of 40 artists from both countries presenting the "Comparative Looks On Nature".
Through this Franco-Brazilian exhibition, the merger of two worlds - the old one and the new one - can only relaunch the perception of a nature that we are mostly just able to exploit.
Brazil : Belém, Art gallery de la casa das 11 Janelas , in July 2009. Cultural center Renato Russo in October 2009. France : Library of Lyon 2nd district in September 2011. Multimedia library in January 2014 in Romans (Drôme).

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A book by the engravers association L'Empreinte with a text by Isabelle Pinçon.
Last presentation at the Saint Priest artotheque-mediatheque in November 2005.
The catalogue reproducing the engravings of The Bestiary is still available, at the price of 115 euros.

The book is out of print.

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The collection of the small publishings of L'Empreinte is focused on the tandem TEXT-ENGRAVING of contemporary author(s) and engraver(s). These are original editions numbered 1 to 60 and signed.

The object-book has a french format unique 16cmx12cm, but the presentations can be all different.

Selling price : 20,00 €

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Lyon, trace pour demain (LYON, MARK FOR TOMORROW)

18 engravers of L'Empreinte and 5 authors have endeavoured, by releasing the flatness of the plate or the whiteness of the paper, their vision, chimeric, critical, or other of Lyon so difficult to define, to identify, to write .... The engravings were printed in 30 copies, 10 presented in portfolios enhanced with the texts printed, them in 10 copies.

The portfolio Lyon, Marks For Tomorrow.
A 41x31,5cm blue canvas portfolio, vertical, closed by a black or blue velvet ribbon, with 18 original prints 40x30cm, numbered from 1/30 to 10/30, hand printed by the artists on pure cloth Rives of 270g, and 5 texts on layer.

Selling price : 1000 Euros.

The 18 engravings numbered from 11/30 to 30/30 are available at the unit price of 150,00 Euros.

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Livres d'artiste graveur édités par L'Empreinte